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Who are Team Asthers?

It all started on a wintery night in November 2019 when we started making our plans for world domination. Wait… did we say world domination? We meant for a little project that we could run together. Something that could showcase all the things we are passionate about and out of that discussion came Team Asthers. Aimed largely at the bookish community, we hope to create beautiful products that can be shared and cherished. Starting our business small with bookmarks, we hope to one day keep growing and broadening our product range.

What is in a name?

Where did Team Asthers come from? Was it from a game? Was it from a book? Was it from our favourite ship? Well… now that you ask, it is a ship – our ship to be exact. We mushed together our last names (Aston and Leathers) and then bam! Here we are… Team Asthers. We thought it was a cute little nod to our relationship.

Meet the team



Jess is one of the founding partners, graphic designer, and the funny one in this relationship (although Kian would disagree). Obsessively bookish, Jess can always be found with her face in a book, dreaming of magical worlds and sarcastic characters with a penchant for handling knives. When she’s not working on Team Asthers or attempting to write a book of her own, Jess works in the marketing department at a small independent children’s publisher.


Kian is one of the founding partners and the business brains behind the Team Asthers operation. Don’t let Jess fool you, Kian is the real master of comedy in this relationship. Brilliantly funny and Sci-fi obsessed, Kian has a love for gaming, and fondly remembers video games from the 90’s (Robocop Vs Terminator, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Streets of Rage). Following his stint in the Royal Navy, Kian took up a career in procurement and currently works for a company that makes such high precision products that they appeared in Iron Man 2.