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Celebrating 1 year of Team Asthers

Team Asthers is officially one today!

When we started this Team Asthers train at the end of 2019, we never expected 2020 to unravel in the way it has. We especially did not expect to be celebrating this little milestone in lockdown, 60 miles apart in the middle of a pandemic, but 2020 has been filled with endless surprises!

2020 has been a year like no other, and we have all felt the effects of it in different ways. So we hope you’re all still hanging in there!

We’ve spent a large chunk of this year 60 miles apart due to the UK’s lockdown which has made running this little online store an interesting experience. But when you’ve got the internet and video chat then nothing is impossible!

It’s kinda crazy to think that we started this little adventure with a very small number of products (and we mean small) that had arrived from our supplier in 2 very damaged boxes with equally damaged bookmarks inside. That zapped the wind out of our sails a little bit, we’re not going to lie. We weren’t even sure whether anyone would be interested in our bookmarks but here we are, 12 months later, steadily adding more and more items to our shop, and it’s been such a gratifying experience to see how much love and support we’ve gotten from fellow book lovers. So thank you for allowing us to continue doing what we’re doing!

It’s also been (and Jess will apologise to Kian here for getting soppy on main) so much fun, and just so lovely getting to work so collaboratively on something with your partner and sharing all those little milestones. Excuse us while Jess’s heart bursts a little in her chest.

Did someone say book subscription box?

November 2020 has seen us featured in our very first book subscription box created by the wonderful Sarah at Book Hooked Box!

Getting an opportunity like this has been a pretty big milestone for us (Jess may or may not have squealed about it), and it was such an honour to be included. We created a beautiful alchemy themed bookmark to go alongside Samantha Cohoe’s A Golden Fury, a YA Fantasy set within the cobbled streets of 1700’s England, where a young alchemist is determined to earn her rightful place in a world where men claim the glory.

Boxes have slowly been making their way into people’s hands this week, so if you haven’t seen the bookmark yet and would like to… click the link below for a little sneak peek.

But what's coming next?

We’re hoping 2021 will be even bigger and better for us, and hopefully, the long months of lockdown and isolation will soon be a distant memory. But regardless of next year’s Covid situation, we have lots of ideas and exciting things to look forward to!

You may (or may not) have noticed that we have been slowly adding new items to our Etsy shop of late and filtering them across to our website. 2021 will hopefully see a whole new range of Bookish (and maybe some non-bookish) tote bags, and mugs for you to fill with your favourite beverage whilst you settle down with your next read.

There will also be more blog content! We’ve been slacking this year but 2021 will see a whole host of new posts on books, tv shows, video games and more.

Everything else… well, that’s a surprise!

Thank you for sticking with us, and we’ll see you all over the next year for more Team Asthers shenanigans!

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